Tuesday, July 19

Harry Potter Dessert Table {with free printables}

My youngest daughter turned 11 this month so of course we had to have a Harry Potter Themed party.  I shared in another post the Hogwarts acceptance letter party invitation we used and Platform 9 3/4.  Now it's time for some sweet treats like the ones a student from the Wizarding World might find.  Sweets from Honeydukes Sweetshop.

Below are a few ideas of sweets we made for a dessert table displayed at our party.  Each idea comes from descriptions in the Harry Potter books.  They are pretty simple and even young party hosts can help make them.  The labels featured in this post are available as a FREE download.  Scroll to the end to get the links.


No Honeydukes Sweetshop display is complete without Chocolate Frogs.  Of course these won't become animated and leap out the window (thank goodness!). 

You will need:

  • Good quality milk chocolate candy melts
  • Frog candy mold like the one HERE


Melt a good quality milk chocolate according to package directions and gently pour into frog candy molds. Freeze for a short time to set. Pop them out and serve in little candy boxes like the ones found HERE, or serve as part of your sweet shop display.


The chocolate wands were easy enough to be made by my kiddos.  I've seen many variations of how to make these, but I was looking for simplicity.

You will need:

  • Pretzel Rods like THESE
  • Good quality milk chocolate candy melts
  • Wax paper lined cookie sheet


Melt milk chocolate according to package directions.  Dip pretzel rods into the melted chocolate almost to the tip. Place on waxed paper and freeze to set. These were by far the most popular treat.


If your kiddos are like mine they'll pretend their levitating after eating these.  I used regular lemon drops like the ones HERE.  Fill a decorative glass with them and display them with all the other yummy treats.


The real Bertie Bots every flavor beans (found HERE) are pretty fun to have on hand.  They come in small, snack sized packaging.  You can buy a back of six.  They would make fun party favors.  The kiddos will have a blast comparing flavors.  Have you had the earwax one?  Yuck!!

If you have a large crowd coming you can pick up a large package of Jelly Belly beans or just regular jelly beans.  Place them in a fancy glass container to make them look enticing.


The fizz and pop of these lollipops will make your kiddos think they are the real deal from the books.  They can be a bit sticky to make, but are worth the fun.  But if you don't have the time to make them, just regular blow pop lollipops work great.

What you'll need:

  • Blow Pops lollipops
  • Honey
  • Pop Rocks candy
  • Styrofoam block


Unwrap the Blow Pops.  Pour out the Pop Rocks candy into a bowl.  Heat the honey until it's warm and very runny.  Dip the Blow Pops into the honey and then dipping them into crushed Pop Rocks candy.  Place the new made acid pops in a Styrofoam block.  Let sit for several hours to set.  Display on your Honeydukes table.


Another idea that could be incorporated in you Honeydukes Sweetshop table could be a trip to Gringots Bank.  Have a small bag of gold coins for each guest.  Have them use their coins to buy sweets from the Honeydukes Sweetshop table. 

Grab the FREE printable labels I made for our desert table HERE.

And pick up the FREE printable Honeydukes sign HERE.

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