Thursday, March 1

Readathon Treat Tags - Free Printable

Tomorrow is Dr. Suess' birthday. That's a big deal in our house. We loooove Dr. Suess. And at my daughter's school they are having a readathon. They go to school in their pjs and read all day long. Sounds fun, eh? I wish I could do that. :)

I did some looking around online for a treat or simple snack to share with her classmates. I didn't want anything messy or greasy because it may get on their books. Then I found this...


Soooo cute!! I got some gummy worms and filled some small bags. Then I created my own tags to go with.

Here they are...

I created a PDF file of these tags to share with you. 
You can download them --> HERE. 

** I give my permission to PIN these. Just don't pin the first picture because it's not mine.

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